Joe Biden’s ‘Joe30330’ Stumble Leads To College Student’s Prank Website

Screenshot Youtube/Josh Fayer/Josh For America Exploratory Committee Announcement

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden accidentally told viewers to “go to Joe 30330” during closing statements, and the hiccup led a college student to use the domain name for his own website.

Former Vice President Biden meant to tell supporters to text 30330, but accidentally told them to “go to” it, implying that “Joe 30330” was a website. A few minutes after that comment, typing in led to Pete Buttigieg’s website.

A little while later, the website redirected to a site dubbed “” (RELATED: Democrats End Debate By Plugging Their Donation Websites)

“As the first Gen Z’er to declare candidacy for this office, you can trust that I’m the real deal. And I’m not joshin’ you,” the website reads.

Josh Fayer, 21, is a student at Syracuse University studying public relations. He and a friend bought the domain name shortly after Biden’s remarks as a joke, according to USA Today.

The website includes a YouTube video where Fayer announces his “run” for 2020 President. He is running on a platform of no homework for college students.


“Now, I may be the youngest candidate by far in this race, but I know I have what it takes,” Fayer said in a video on his website. “I’m the only candidate currently running on a ‘no homework in college’ position.”

“Now, some say that this type of policy is unneeded, selfish-preserving, and that no one really wants it. But my comprehensive polling has shown irrefutably that college students support my position.”

They first re-directed the website to Buttigieg’s campaign site, but the students “decided that wouldn’t be such a good idea.” Instead, Fayer turned had it re-direct to his own spoof campaign website he developed as a joke earlier in the year.

The site includes a donation page where people can donate to Buttigieg’s campaign, although Fayer is “not endorsing any political candidate at this time,” according to USA Today.

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