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Afternoon Mirror: CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Bitches About Seatmate Bringing Smelly Cabbage On Plane

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Quote of the Day:

“Saying ‘crazy people shouldn’t have guns’ is ableist bullshit.” 

Ana Marie Cox, lefty pundit.

MOOD: “A long time ago we decided to stop fighting the battle against mental illness and ‘free’ all the patients out to the streets. We’re still paying for that decision.” — Jazz Shaw, weekend editor, HotAir.

Joan Walsh Cancels Her NYT subscription 

“I canceled my subscription. I know a lot of folks will tell me I’m wrong. I will miss it. But I can’t keep rewarding such awful news judgment. “Trump Urges Unity Against Racism” is almost as bad as their full-page Comey letter coverage just before 2016 election. Nobody learns.” — Joan Walsh, CNN contributor, The Nation. (RELATED: Joan Walsh Is Furious With Politico For Being Mean To Sen. Warren)

This Politico reporter thinks that’s idiotic: “If you cancelled your subscription to one of the world’s most indispensable newspapers because you got mad over a headline … I can’t help you.” — Ben White, Politico.

So does The Atlantic‘s EIC Jeffrey Goldberg: “The New York Times employs 1600 journalists who do indispensable work across the globe. The paper publishes millions and millions of words each year. Sometimes it makes mistakes. Also, President Trump would like you to cancel your subscriptions.”

Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag: “NYT can be an insular institution, particularly when it comes under criticism. But I have never received more texts from furious NYT reporters/writers than I have tonight. They feel like their hard work is being sullied by a horrible headline. And they’re all blaming Dean Baquet.”

‘I could never be a crime reporter’ 

“Could never be a crime reporter. My immediate reaction after doing interviews on mass shootings is to just bawl (& I’ve been doing this for 13 years worth of covering mass shootings of 6-year-olds, a lawmaker, other lawmakers, HS students, colleges, malls, federal workers etc.)” — Matt Laslo, journalist, VICE, NPR, The Daily Beast, WIRED. 

Don’t ask this guy where to eat

“The second someone from out of town asks me for recommendations on where to eat, I suddenly lose all memory of every restaurant I’ve ever been to. …This happened every time my parents visited me in college, too. Them: ‘Just pick a place you like.’ Me: ‘Uhhh..’ Them: ‘Like where do you usually eat?’ Me: ‘I dunno, my couch, I guess?'” — Grant Addison, Washington Examiner.

Washington fellow is skeptical about Wawa 

“Stopped at a WaWa in NJ. My skepticism for the Cult of WaWa remains intact.” — Jonah Goldberg, fellow, America Enterprise Institute, formerly NationalReviewOnline.

Chasten Buttigieg wants to dial down the rage 

“So here’s the thing. You can look at that tweet…(that really nasty tweet. The gross, homophobic tweet. The blatantly racist tweet. The ‘fire you up with fake outrage’ click-bait news article tweet) and just say ‘nope.’  Scroll away. Don’t engage. Adios gross tweet. Not today.” — Chasten Buttigieg, husband of South Bend Mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg. (CNN Guest Calls Chasten Buttigieg Most ‘Traditional Spouse’ On Campaign Trail)

Obama alum wonder if MSNBC needs a male presence for Maddow and Wallace 

“Honest question, is Brian Williams doing this MSNBC special simply because they felt they needed a dude in there with Maddow and Nicolle Wallace?” — Jason Karsh, writer, photographer, Obama alum.

Fox Business correspondent totally mocks Tomi Lahren 

Tomi Lahren, Fox Nation: “Guns have been a part of this nation since its founding, but we’ve only had these frequent mass shootings in the last 20 years. Clearly, there is something else wrong. It’s not the weapon. It’s the individual. Taking away guns does not stop sick people from doing horrific things.”

Charles Gasparino, FBN: “Ummm..which one of the founding fathers carried an automatic weapon?”

CONFESSIONAL: Journo says he nearly died 

“Exactly 14 years ago today, I almost died. When I thought I might be at the end, all I was thinking of was my loved ones. After I awoke to realize I got a chance, I knew all that matters is for my life make some kind of positive impact. That’s still it. Everything else is junk. …A friend was not as lucky as me. I think of him and his family every day.” — Hunter Walker, White House correspondent, Yahoo News.

Laura Ingraham dings NYT for being ‘predictable and ‘tired’ 

“The @nytimes is predictable and tired. Banning speech is their answer to most problems these days—demonizing and dividing when healing and unity are in order.” — Laura Ingraham, host, Fox News. 

Some advice for the masses: Step away from social media 

“Some of you appear to be spiraling even worse than you were this weekend. Perhaps step away from social media and force yourself do something constructive and helpful in the real world.” — Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist.

Deep Thoughts With Steve Beschloss 

“I choose hope over despair. I choose education over ignorance, kindness over cruelty, decency over crudity, love over hate, good over evil. I do, even on days when it’s hard. Even when it seems the bad guys are winning.” — Steve Beschloss, writer, filmmaker, anti-Trump.

CNN and Kellyanne Conway…

Mediaite: “CNN’s Amanpour Confronts Kellyanne Conway in Heated Interview: Will Trump Stop ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric?”

WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin: “Stop. Putting. Her. On.”

Cameron Cawthorne, Washington Free Beacon: “Me whenever Rubin is on a MSNBC panel.”

WH transcript strikes a line through ‘Dayton’

Michael Bender is a White House correspondent for WSJ.

“President Trump, reading Teleprompter to deliver remarks from the WH on mass shootings: ‘may God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo’ the OH shootings took place in Dayton.” — John Harwood, CNBC.

Lisa Fleisher, digital editor, Bloomberg: “So difficult to keep the mass shootings straight these days.”

Travel Bitches: Woman on plane brings smelly Kimche 

“Woman next to me on flight to El Paso just opened Tupperware container of … Kimche. Authentic Korean fermented-cabbage Kimche. Not Winter Kimche. But Summer Kimche. Those familiar w/distinction will understand. Hey, @RadioFreeTom, ruling? My shoes are on. How to proceed?” — James Gagliano, CNN law enforcement analyst. 

NBC and MSNBC legal contributor Katie Phang reacted, saying, “Wow. Just wow.”

On overhead compartments… 

“Pet peeve of the week. People who waste overhead plane compartment space with ittty bitty backpacks/bags that can go under the seats in front of them.” — Kerry Picket, SiriusXMPatriot, The Washington Examiner.

“I maintain that anything inefficiently placed in the overhead is subject to be shifted by other travelers with larger bags.”  — Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, Washington Examiner.

Journo gets last laugh about missed flight 

“Interesting fact I learned today: A friend and colleague who constantly mocks me for being a neurotic early-airport-arriving-person missed her flight yesterday because she cut it too close.” — Seung Min Kim, White House reporter, Washington Post.

Study says some men don’t want to be perceived as ‘gay’ with reusable shopping bags 

Jennifer Hayden, trending news manager, DailyKos: “Why are so many men just terrible people?”

“New research suggests that some men avoid ‘green’ behavior —like using a reusable shopping bag at the grocery store— because they don’t want to be perceived as gay.” — Pacific Standard. Here.

James Comey takes a dig at Trump

“Reading words off a TelePrompTer is a good start. Now tell your next rally audience that racism and white supremacy are evil and you don’t want the support of anyone who disagrees.” — James Comey, former FBI director.

Gossip Roundup 

Mike Gravel gets snippy with Neera Tanden

Gideon Resnick, reporter, The Daily Beast: “New: @MikeGravel filmed an endorsement video for Bernie Sanders on Sunday which is expected to be formally announced today.”

Neera Tanden, president, Center for American Progress: “Is he filming it or the teenagers that run his account?”

Mike Gravel, presidential hopeful: “Neera you suck at your job.”

(RELATED: Weiner’s Ex Offers Up Nudes For Donations To Mike Gravel)

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell unhinged a lot of people Monday after she insinuated that Trump was behaving in a way that could be considered presidential. “That was a step further than the president has taken in the past” O’Donnell said, quoting Trump as saying, “In one voice our nation must condemn racism bigotry and white supremacy.”

Matthew Dowd, chief political correspondent, ABC News: “Norah, you are better than this. The president must take responsibility for what he has done. I see none of that here. Over and over again many in the media make this same mistake.” 

Roland Martin, host, The Roland Martin Show: “Sorry, Norah, no he didn’t.”

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