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Human Events Says Sayonara To Raheem Kassam

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Ex-Breitbart “London” Editor Raheem Kassam is out at Human Events 2.0.

The relaunch happened in late April with Kassam talking up his role in the new venture with a lot of gravitas.

“I believe that I am that good,” he told WaPo in regards to potential losses the publication might face.

It’s August 8, 2019.

Human Events released a statement Thursday night announcing Kassam’s departure.

“Human Events Announces Changes To Its Leadership Team,” the statement sang.

The short of it is that Publisher Will Chamberlain will be the new global editor-in-chief, which was Kassam’s title.

The guys played nice and thanked Kassam for his work during the past three months.

“We thank Raheem for his work helping to relaunch Human Events and we look forward to seeing his contributions to the conservative movement in the years ahead,” Chamberlain said in the statement.

But Kassam sounds a bit riled.

The “Will” he appears to be speaking to in a snippy manner is Will Sommer of The Daily Beast.

Kassam is the former chief adviser to former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. As a matter of fact, he’s hanging out with Farage at CPAC Australia in Sydney.

When a follower on Twitter suggested something untoward, Kassam seemed to sarcastically agree. “Drunk during the day again?” asked @WineJerk. Kassam replied, “Oh that’s basically all I do.”

Back in March, Kassam caused a stir when he affirmed on Twitter that he had punched a sleazy guy in the face at the Trump Hotel bar. According to the story I heard, he was being chivalrous and standing up for a female friend. Kassam later claimed he was joking. But The Mirror heard from a source who said she was there and would never joke about such a thing. The source told me that she did not witness Kassam punch the guy in the face. She added that Kassam is among her closest friends and is scrupulous with his honesty. By morning, the tweets had vanished. (RELATED: Kassam Says He Was Joking About Punching Sleazy Guy At Trump Hotel Bar) 

Human Events 2.0 gave him one line and moved on.

“We look forward to continuing to produce the highest quality content in the conservative movement today and building on the success we have enjoyed since our relaunch,” Chamberlain said.

More… “Human Events will focus on providing a platform for some of the most important, creative and imaginative voices in the conservative movement. “Human Events will put a premium on quality over quantity. We want Human Events to be the go to outlet for consumers looking for in depth, cutting-edge thought pieces on the issues of concern for conservatives today,” said Chamberlain.

And finally, “Now, more than ever, we need conservative media outlets, like Human Events, that can counter the liberal media establishment.”

The Mirror reached out to Chris Barron, of Right Turn Strategies, for further comment.

Note to readers: Kassam occasionally contributes to The Daily Caller.