MSNBC Caught Featuring Media Matters Writer With Undeserved Twitter Verified Checkmark

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC featured a tweet Wednesday from Media Matters’ Bobby Lewis — but the displayed graphic included Twitter’s “verified” blue check, which Lewis does not actually have.

Screen Shot/Twitter/@revrrlewis

Screen Shot/Twitter/@revrrlewis

The tweet MSNBC shared was a selectively-edited quote from radio host Michael Savage, which was reconstructed to suggest that Savage was simply angry with President Donald Trump for “attacking white supremacy.” (RELATED: Left-Wing Advocacy Group Shops Dishonest Hit Piece On Trump Campaign Staffer)

The full quote, which makes it clear that Savage’s concern is that the president made a statement in facilitation of the leftist narrative that conflates everyone who is worried about illegal immigration with white supremacists, is as follows:

I was very disappointed in the president attacking white supremacy. He is now saying everyone who is concerned about the illegal alien invasion is a white supremacist? He suddenly has joined who? He’s like Jake Tapper now, and the rest on CNN. That was a mistake, Mr. President. I am sorry. That is going to cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes.

People began commenting as soon as the segment ran, some joking that if MSNBC “verified” Lewis, Twitter ought to follow suit.

And several quickly lobbied for Twitter to make it official.

Lewis, who does Rapid Response and Research for Media Matters, and appears to spend most of his time on Twitter live-tweeting “Fox & Friends” on a daily basis, seemed to be amused by the whole scenario. “This is the closest i’ll ever get to being verified,” he tweeted.

As to how that blue checkmark appeared in MSNBC’s graphic? Maybe a photoshop, maybe a standard tweet template. Either way, it’s fake news.