Yahoo Sports Predicts Wisconsin’s Football Team Will Go 8-4

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Yahoo Sports doesn’t think Wisconsin will be much better at football this season than last year.

Last year, my Badgers finished out at 8-5 with a win in a Pinstripe Bowl. What would be an acceptable season for most schools was a nightmare come true for us. Well, Yahoo Sports thinks eight wins is about where we’ll end up again with the potential to push it to nine in a bowl game. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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“There are too many toss-up games on the schedule to bet on a 9-3 season or better from the Badgers. But 8-4 feels right with the opportunity to get to nine wins in a bowl game,” Yahoo Sports wrote in its season prediction for the Badgers.


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Listen up and listen closely. If Wisconsin only wins eight games in the regular season, people are going to lose their minds.

Fans are going to be on the verge of meltdowns across the board. This is Wisconsin we’re talking about! This is the Badgers!

We don’t tolerate single digit wins in a season. It’s 10 wins or bust every single year in the regular season. the idea of only winning 8 games is simply unacceptable.

As you all know, I pegged our number of wins for the season at 10. The only games fans might be able to stomach losing are our matchup’s against Michigan and Ohio State.

Would we be okay with losing those games? Hell no.

Of course I won’t be okay with losing any games, but I understand sometimes you fall to great teams. I’d still be upset, but I’d understand the loss.

However, there’s no other games on the schedule that I would even consider stomaching as a loss. Blame my high standard of excellence, blame delusion or blame whatever else you want.

These are the facts of the matter, and my opinion won’t be changing anytime soon.

You want a piece of my squad, bring an army because we’re not going anywhere. Yahoo can take their absurd prediction and throw it right in the trash.