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Buttigieg Has Brush With Bad Luck At Iowa State Fair

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Pete Buttigieg may have gotten more than he bargained for during a conversation with a woman at the Iowa State Fair.

As South Bend’s Mayor and a presidential hopeful for 2020, Buttigieg has been barnstorming the country and has been on a media tear. At debates and in interviews, he’s pretty good on his feet.

But he probably wasn’t expecting this.

Where’s Marianne Williamson when you need a good energy clearing?

Not all of Buttigieg’s interactions at the fair were so awkward.

According to CNN correspondent DJ Judd, who is specifically tailing Buttigieg, the candidate hung out with Iowa’s Lt. Gov. Patty Judge and voted for himself in some kernel competition.

He also amazingly grilled pork for about 45 seconds, according to his Senior Advisor Lis Smith.

But not only did he take his turn at the grill to turn the pork. He actually ate a pork chop. (This is big stuff, people.)

Buttigieg isn’t just a pretty pork chop. He was also heard talking farm policy.

“A proposal I haven’t seen from other 2020 candidates in their rural platforms,
@PeteButtigieg wants to offer protections for farm workers looking to unionize,” tweeted Liz Crampton, a reporter for Politico. (You can read her piece here.)

On the subject of mass shootings, Smith wrote,  “Pete Buttigieg understands the urgency of the moment.”

A candidate never knows who he’ll meet on the campaign trail. Hopefully he’ll put that insinuation to the Kennedy curse in his rearview mirror.