Chinese State-Sponsored Rap Threatens Army Can ‘Wipe Out’ Hong Kong Protesters

Youtube/CD Rev

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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Chinese state media is using rap music to rally public support in opposition of Hong Kong protesters, even threatening that the Chinese military can “wipe out” the protesters.

Last week, a state-supported Chinese hip-hop group known as Tianfu Shibia or CD Rev, released a rap video titled “Hong Kong’s Fall.” The song accuses America of supporting the massive protests in Hong Kong, which are aimed at preserving some of the region’s sovereignty from China, and threatens the death of the protesters. The group is supported by the unilateral Communist Party of China, according to the Guardian.

“There are 1.4 billion Chinese standing firmly behind Hong Kong police,” the lyrics state. “They will always protect Hong Kong without any hesitation. Airplanes, tanks and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army all gathering in Shenzhen waiting for command to wipe out terrorists [protesters] if needed.”

“We don’t see freedom, we don’t see peace and democracy,” raps CD Rev about the Hong Kong protests. “What we all witness these days are self-called ‘protesters‘ attacking Hong Kong police officers with weapons … but we see that as their last performance before self-destruction.”

The song also declares that the protesters are “destined to be judged and eradicated,” and accuses America of supporting civil unrest in Hong Kong. (RELATED: Brutal Clash Ensues Between Rioters And Police In Hong Kong Over Fate Of Extradition Bill)

“Someone are gloating [sic] across the ocean, expecting more tragedy,” according to the rap group.

This is not the first time China has leveraged rap music to support the Communist Party narrative. CD Rev has long been as asset to the party, releasing songs supporting Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and diss tracks aimed at both Western figures like President Trump and rapper Lil Pump, as well as entire countries like Sweden.

“Hey Sweden, where the f*ck is your civilization … what’s wrong with you, what is your problem?” the group rapped in 2018 after Chinese tourists were removed from a Swedish hostel. They also threatened the Scandinavian nation, promising it is “’bout to feel the power of the Chinese nation.”

The Chinese Communist Party isn’t the only force promoting “Hong Kong’s Fall.” Many social media users are supporting CD Rev’s pro-China music in the comment sections of YouTube and posting the song to Twitter. “Hong Kong’s Fall” gained enough traction to create a Twitter trend Sunday, with roughly 10,000 people posting about the song.