Tim Scott: Beto, Democrats Trying To ‘Dupe’ African-American Voters

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Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott said that Democrats are trying to “figure out a way to dupe” African-American voters into supporting them.

Responding on Monday night’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” to Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s claim that America “is still” a “racist” country, Scott told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that the policies “smart” Democrats would propose, Republicans under Trump are already doing.


“No, not at all,” Scott told MacCallum, responding to a question about whether Democrats’ strategy for winning African-American voters will work. “This is an opportunity for the Democratic Party to try to figure out a way to dupe the African-American voters, not only in South Carolina but around the country because they really have nothing but empty promises to run on.”

Scott cited a list of things “smart” Democrats “might want to focus on,” such as criminal justice reform, the economy, and unemployment.

“We’ve done that,” he said, nothing that criminal justice reform under Trump has a “disproportionately positive impact in African American communities.” (RELATED: HuffPo Contributor Calls Tim Scott Trump’s Token Black Guy — Scott Hits Back HARD)

Democrats can’t talk about the economy because, Scott said, “President Trump has created more than 6 million jobs during this administration, 50% of those jobs have gone to African-Americans and Hispanics.” Unemployment has also come down to record low rates for African-Americans and Hispanics, according to the South Carolina senator.

“There is nothing left to try to reel in the African-American community,” said Scott, “because President Trump and the Republican Party has done a very good job of focusing on improving the economic outcome of people who have been struggling for the last decade under the previous administration, so we now have a chance to have a contrast between the parties of the right, the right side and the party and policies of the left going the wrong direction.”