KASSAM: Anthony Scaramucci — An Expert On Losing

Raheem Kassam Contributor
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The problem was that Anthony Scaramucci thought Donald Trump was his friend.

Not his colleague, not his acquaintance, not his boss. His friend.

There’s a scene in The Brink about this, when Steve Bannon tells erstwhile Trump whisperer Sam Nunberg, “When you reach [Trump’s] level you don’t have grundoons for friends … guys like you and Corey [Lewandowski] and [Roger] Stone think you’re his friends.”

“The Mooch” made a similar mistake.

He thought he was being brought into the White House as a close confidant of President Trump. In reality, he was being used to break a deadlock between established camps in the West Wing. He served his purpose and was shown the door before he could blow a second kiss to the White House press corps.

The Mooch is obviously a sentimental guy. He greeted me with hugs on several occasions, even though I barely knew him. He also told some grievously off color jokes about women to me and a group of gathered friends. Again, without really knowing us. This was while he was in the President’s employ.

I won’t repeat the jokes (yet). They’re not relevant. I won’t talk about who was there. Also irrelevant.

The point is Scaramucci is one of the most naive operators around, and now he’s in with the Clintons: some of the savviest operators around. Prepare for the Mooch to be used by people smarter than him once again.

By now the fake news media machine has got this down to a science: find the latest person to be outraged. The latest disgruntled employee; shakey testimony from someone like Christine Blasey Ford; or (at the peak of their hubris), boosting people like Michael Avenatti, who turned out to be as curious as a three dollar bill.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

In fact, wouldn’t it be a great documentary if everyone who rolled out over the past three years to “take Trump down” got together to describe how CNN and others in media sought to leverage them, and subsequently spit them out when they were no longer credible?

Think about E. Jean Carroll. That didn’t last long, did it? For a so-called violent rape from the commander in chief, the story disappeared extraordinarily quickly. Right after Carroll’s book came out (and flopped) in fact.

Scaramucci is about to become the new Christine Blasey Ford, or E. Jean Carroll. Except shorter. And not even remotely as believable, which given their levels of hysteria, is quite the feat.

And that’s because deep down Scaramucci has the mindset of a loser. A globalist loser who was never MAGA in the first instance.

I warned about this when the Mooch was first mooted for communications director all those years ago. Frankly, Trump would have been better off keeping Bannon and telling both Scaramucci and Gen. John Kelly to hoof it.

But the Mooch has always been within the grip of the political and media establishments, despite their poor treatment of the diminutive, cartoon character of a man.

He bristles at bad reviews of his “Hunt and Fish Club” restaurant. He fell over himself to insist that Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama in 2012. When he left the White House, he tried to portray himself as some kind of Trump snake charmer, and someone who could bridge the gap between left and right. He did no such thing, and now he’s been captured by Democrats working to replace Trump with an establishment figure like Joe Biden at best, and a communist at worst.

Another losing move.

Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) is a Claremont Institute fellow and speaker at CPAC Australia. He is the author of two bestselling books: “No Go Zones” and “Enoch Was Right.”

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