Former Obama Aide: ‘Trump Voters Are Not Deplorable, They Are Not Racist’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Obama aide Johanna Maska conceded Monday that Trump voters were not “deplorable,” arguing instead that they had simply been “misled.”

Maska made the comments during a Monday segment of “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino on Fox News. (RELATED: Biden Assured Obama Aides In 2008 He Was Too Old To Run For President Again)


Perino began the segment by sharing a video of former Vice President Joe Biden, who had recently appealed to voters by admitting that his party had “stopped talking to them.”

“You know Vice President Biden. You worked for him,” Perino said to Maska. “I would imagine he was frustrated during the 2016 campaign when Hillary Clinton said the word ‘deplorable.’ It was something that he would not have said initially.”

“I think she expressed regret,” Maska defended Clinton. “I think for Joe Biden it’s personal because he is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. And so when you grow up in a place where they voted for President Obama and then they voted for President Trump you know that Trump voters are not deplorable. They are not racist and they are not bad people, but they were misled.”

“Now is the time for the Democrats to be talking to all voters. No one should be off the table,” Maska concluded.

“Not if they want to win,” Perino agreed.