EXCLUSIVE: Top Pro-Israel Organization Slams Linda Sarsour For Smearing ‘Israel And The Jewish People’

REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein slammed Linda Sarsour over her smearing of pro-Israel Americans, in a statement provided Tuesday exclusively to The Daily Caller.

“Sarsour will make up any story, any lie, to blame, demonize and smear (BDS tactics) Israel and the Jewish people,” Klein told TheDC.

“Sarsour is the one who stands with terrorists and bigots, including Louis Farrakhan. Sarsour shared a platform with and praised Rasmea Odeh – a Palestinian-Arab terrorist responsible for murdering Jewish students; praised an Arab kid holding rocks to throw at Israelis as ‘the definition of courage,’ and tweeted her support for the intifada – the knifing, bombing and shooting campaigns in which Palestinian-Arab terrorists murdered and maimed 12,000 Jews,” the statement reads.

On Tuesday, TheDC covered the news that Sarsour baselessly accused a group of pro-Israel Americans of marching alongside the Ku Klux Klan. (RELATED: Linda Sarsour Declares ‘Jihad’ Against Trump)

In March, an event Sarsour held was protested by a group of demonstrators holding American flags and Israeli flags. Sarsour–with no evidence–claimed that the protesters were flying Confederate flags and marching with KKK members.

Photos and videos from that day do not support Sarsour’s claims at all.

The Women’s March organizer has been a critic of Israel and repeatedly associated with anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan. She has also lashed out at what she calls the “Jewish media.”