‘I Can Read With The Best Of Them’: Gun Debate Gets Testy On ‘Outnumbered’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Radio host David Webb squared off with Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov during a heated “Outnumbered” segment on gun control Tuesday.

“One at a time,” co-host Melissa Francis said as the two talked over each other.


Webb began the conversation, responding to a statement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about the next steps in the gun control fight in Congress.

“We’ve heard this from Mitch McConnell before. I don’t like the aftermath of shootings and you get the typical response of all the statements being made but how many times do you actually get the follow-through action?” Webb asked. “We need to improve law enforcement’s ability to communicate information. That will do more. We need to do this and we also need to respect the Constitution and where it stands on Americans’ rights so their rights are not impeded.”

Tarlov responded by suggesting a move toward red flag laws and an assault weapons ban. “The assault weapons ban seems like the most obvious place to go. Police chiefs from major cities all over the country released a letter  … ”

“These are not assault weapons, though,” Webb interrupted. “They’re a single shot, one pull at the trigger, no, this is a problem.

“An AR-15?” Tarlov asked. “It’s not the gun that’s being used here and in Dayton?”

“One at a time,” Francis interjected. “Let her finish.” (RELATED: Harris Faulkner Stops Former Clinton Advisor Cold: ‘You Hit The Race Button Pretty Early In The Hour’)

“Police chiefs have asked for the assault weapons ban put in in 1994 from the crime bill to be put into place,” Tarlov continued. “There is a discussion on what qualifies as an assault weapon.”

Webb responded again, adding, “I have to correct this, because this is a problem in this discussion. First of all, F.B.I. statistics: more murders are committed with less than three bullets …”

“Without an AR-15?”Tarlov interrupted. In Dayton, was that an AR-15?”

“That’s a fact. If I can, I don’t know how much you know about guns but you can do more damage reloading fast with a 9 millimeter than you can at times, depending on the situation … no no no let me finish,” Webb continued.

“I can read with the best of them,” Tarlov shot back.

“The profile of a gun and how it looks does not determine the operation of one pull the trigger,” Webb added.

Harris Faulkner brought the conversation back around to the red flags that were missed in the most recent shooting in Odessa and Midland, Texas, noting along with Francis that the common denominator among many such tragedies is a red flag — or several red flags — that went unaddressed.