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In today’s economy, everyone can use an edge to stand out from the competition. Instantly become a more valuable employee by perfecting your Excel knowledge, one of the most commonly used programs in any company. You might know the basics of Excel but the 6 courses in The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle will turn you into a professional.

Over 20 hours of content designed to help you master excel

Over 20 hours of content designed to help you master excel

Work on complex data forecasting, optimization, and Monte Carlo simulation with 18 analytics courses. Cut your work time in half with 2 hours of shortcuts and autofill tips. Excel is capable of much more than pie charts – learn how to create filled maps, sparklines, and more with 1.5 hours of Data Visualization training. Access 20 hours of formatting courses to turn your boring reports into works of art. Take your formula skills to the next level by practicing advanced use cases. After receiving your certification, take advantage of the lifetime subscription anytime you need a refresher. Add your new Excel skills to your resume for an instant career boost.

Become an Excel professional for only $19 when you buy The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle in the Daily Caller shop right now.

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