‘Don’t Do That’: Whoopi Goldberg Scolds Castro For Attacks On Biden

ABC"s "The View." Screen Shot/ABC

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg scolded Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro for his “ageist” attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden during Thursday evening’s debate.

Goldberg made the comments during Friday’s opening segment of ABC’s “The View,” adding, “That was not what we needed last night.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Calls Huffman And Macy ‘The Poster Children For What Everyone Hates About White Privilege’)


Goldberg shook her head as she played a clip of Castro ripping into Biden on the debate stage.

“Don’t do that,” she said. “That was not what we needed last night. That was not what we needed. You have an issue with older folks, you know, I guess that’s your problem, but I’m supposed to clarify that fact checkers found that the point Castro was making about the difference in their plans was actually wrong.”

“Now other candidates on the stage chastised Julian Castro for ‘going low,’ but he didn’t back down saying, it’s not personal. It’s a debate. Is that true?” Goldberg asked.

Joy Behar weighed in then, arguing that he shouldn’t pick on older people because they tend to vote in much higher numbers. “Well, he, you know, two things on this. One, this old thing has got to stop because 25% of the electorate is over 65, and they vote, okay? I’m one of them, and I vote, and so be careful what you do with old people because we will turn on you,” she laughed.

“Number two — number two, I have to question Castro’s intelligence here, and powers of observation because in one of the debates, Kamala Harris went after Biden and she stuck the knife in, and it was fine for a minute, and then her polls went south,” Behar added. “So he should have learned from that not to do that, you know? It just — it feels yuck when you do something like that.”