Liberals Go After Kavanaugh, Fail Miserably … Again

Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s podcast we dissect how the latest attempt to smear Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and how the truth caused the wheels to come off it. Also, Joe Biden recounts the time he was nearly sliced up by a gang member called “Corn Pop.” Yes, seriously.

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A new book by two New York Times reporters whose beats are not related to politics or the courts (one is culture, art, and architecture and the other is Wall Street), was supposed to include a new “bombshell” about Brett Kavanaugh. In a piece pimping the book in the New York Times, they wrote they’d “found” another allegation against Justice Kavanaugh from his freshman year at Yale, where friends of his are supposed to have “pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.” The logistic improbability of that aside, there was an important detail missing from the story – the alleged “victim” has no memory of the story. She wasn’t the one making the allegation, it was a third-party liberal activist telling it.

After dominating the news cycle Sunday, and inspiring Democrats running for president to call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, the Times got around to adding an editor’s note about the “victim” having no memory of the story whatsoever. The lie had made it around the world, twice, before the truth put on its pants, as usual. We get into all of it and talk about how the party of “believe all women” aren’t really interested in believing this woman who says it didn’t happen.

Joe Biden, at the renaming of a community pool in his honor recounted how in the summer of 1962, a 19-year-old Joe Biden chose to forgo a summer of fun and work as a lifeguard at that community pool to gain a better understanding of the black community. He then went on to recount how he’d offended a gang member called “Corn Pop” by calling him Esther Williams and kicking him out of the pool for horsing around on the diving board. “Corn Pop” and a couple of friends, armed with straight razors then came at Joe as he went to his car after work. It only get weirder and less believable from there. We have the crazy, rambling audio.

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