Ocasio-Cortez Primary Challenger Badrun Khan Comes Out Swinging In First Televised Interview

(Fox News screengrab)

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Badrun Khan, the Democratic activist challenging Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a primary fight to represent the state’s fourteenth congressional district, spoke to Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum in her first televised interview Thursday evening.


“When she came out, she came out being a very strong person who’s going to be for our congressional district, but right now, what happened with our old congressman, he was Washington and Virginia, she’s Hollywood and Washington,” Khan told MacCallum. “She’s never in the district. She’s not sure what’s happening in the district. She opened her office pretty late after she was elected and her ideas are extremely — socialism is not what most of our 14 congressional districts are looking for.”

Khan took issue with Ocasio-Cortez’s role in nixing a potential deal with Amazon, calling it “not fair for that community.”

Describing herself as a mother who has “worked all my life” and a “daughter of a Bengali immigrant,” Khan explained several key issue differences with the New York congresswoman, including Medicare for all and the Green New Deal.

“I would run for everyone has to have health insurance,” Khan explained after condemning the Medicare for all plan as too expensive. “Because if you do Medicare for all, all the people who have private insurance, it’s a poor choice.”

Khan also called the Green New Deal “very expensive.” (RELATED: Former ICE Director Tom Homan Leaves Ocasio-Cortez Speechless On Immigration)

“Is it possible to do that?” she asked. “Please show me. I’m a controller. I do it mathematically … How is that going to be done? Can you show me papers? Can you show me numbers?”