Only Nine Students Show Up To White Privilege Workshop At School Of 30,000

Photo Credit: YouTube/UNC Charlotte's Official YouTube Channel

Ben McDonald Contributor
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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte hosted a white privilege workshop where only nine students reportedly showed up—despite 30,000 students enrolled at the school.

The UNC Charlotte event page described the event as “Understanding the meaning and implications of whiteness and engaging in anti-racist practice is crucial in creating racial equity.”

The event, held earlier this month, was for undergraduate and graduate students “who are interested in engaging in conversations to assist in their understanding of how racism is perpetuated individually, culturally, and systemically.”

As The College Fix reported, “The total number of students in the audience for the first ‘White Consciousness Conversation,’ held Sept. 10, was nine — but two were students there not as participants but as journalists mainly to observe. One was from The College Fix and another from the Niner Times campus newspaper.” (RELATED: AU Students Plan Protests And Safe Space For Daily Caller Editor’s Speech)

On top of two of the attendants being journalists, The Fix also noted that five of the remaining seven were members of the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter on campus and were attending with a skeptical eye of the premise rather than attending in support.

The remaining two people in attendance told The Fix that they were there for an extra credit opportunity.

UNC Charlotte hosted a similar event in 2018, as Fox News reported at the time, which received backlash forcing the event sponsor to pull various elements from the event page. (RELATED: College Responds To Hosting Panel On Free Speech By Canceling It)

Similar events have taken place at colleges across the country.

In May 2018 Campus Reform reported that the University of Rhode Island hosted an event “with speakers discussing topics such as ‘White Accountability,’ ‘Addressing Microaggressions,’ and more.”

In June, Rutgers University hosted a workshop with the goal of dismantling “white organizational culture.”

Campus Reform reported in June that the focus of the conference would be “recognize characteristics of white United States-ian culture in organizations; begin to explore the impact the culture has on professionals in the field; and learn antidotes to dismantling white organizational culture.” (RELATED: Stanford Frat Told Their American Flag Was ‘Offensive’ By Admin, Hangs Much Bigger Flag)