Marine Unit Scraps Plans To Host Ball At Mar-a-Lago, Resorts To ‘Picnic Tables In A Gymnasium’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A West Palm Beach Marine Corps Reserve unit scrapped plans to hold its annual birthday ball at Mar-a-Lago, according to a Palm Beach Post article published Monday.

The 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, or 4th ANGLICO, was forced to resort to hosting the ball at a gymnasium because of concerns about President Donald Trump possibly profiting from the event.

“We went from dinner tables at Mar-a-Lago to picnic tables in a gymnasium. We can’t plan another ball now,” one senior officer told the Post, noting that it was too late to get another venue for the event, which was already scheduled for November 16. (RELATED: Happy Birthday To The US Marine Corps — A Daily Caller Salute To Heroes At Home And Abroad)

The Miami Herald published the initial story, revealing the unit’s plans to the public and suggesting that such a move could raise further questions about Trump’s potential financial boon from the event.

An update that came a day later conceded that no taxpayer dollars had been allocated for the event but also noted that the USMC commandant was “said to be ‘angry.'”

Critics attacked the unit, suggesting that their plans were proof that government employees were “padding the president’s bottom line.”

The 4th ANGLICO won’t be the only Marine Corps unit celebrating that day — the USMC will celebrate its 244th birthday on November 10, 2019, but not all units celebrate on the same day.