Meghan McCain Dares Democrats To Go Ahead With Impeachment: ‘Unleash The Kraken’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain dared Democrats to go ahead with impeachment during a segment of Tuesday’s “The View.”

McCain responded to renewed calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment with a warning about the potential political implications.


“I will say, Sunny has been a proponent throughout the entire time we’ve been talking about it on the show of impeachment,” McCain began. “I will say — okay, let me finish. Unleash the kraken! If you’re not going to listen to Nancy Pelosi about the political implications of this, just impeach him then, and see what happens politically.”

McCain pointed out the fact that many believe impeaching former President Bill Clinton actually did more harm to the Republicans than it did to Clinton. “What happened with Clinton in the ‘90s ended up hurting Republicans and I think historians said it too,” McCain explained. “Just impeach him, then. Because quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing everybody bitch about it.”

“I’m sick of hearing the infighting with Democrats, clearly progressives are running the party,” McCain continued. “Again, if he has, in fact, as Abby said, extorted —” (RELATED: Ana Navarro Blows Up At Meghan McCain: ‘Don’t Scream At Me! I’m Two Feet Away’)

“Don’t worry about the Democrats. The Democrats are going to get it together,” Joy Behar cut in.

“Are you sure about that?” McCain pressed.

“Yes,” Behar answered.

“On election night I want that clip right up here,” McCain laughed.