Bernie Sanders Says He’s Ready To ‘Beat Mike Pence’

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Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted that his campaign would “beat Mike Pence” should President Donald Trump fail to make it to November 2020 without being removed from office.

“If it’s not Trump, we’re gonna beat Mike Pence,” Sanders tweeted Monday evening.

If the Democratic-led House of Representatives votes to impeach the president, proceedings would then move to the Senate, where Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he would “have no choice but to take it up.”

A trial would take place to decide whether to remove Trump from office, at which point the vice president would immediately assume power. However, barring the emergence of something unforeseen, a conviction appears unlikely with Republicans firmly in control. (RELATED: What Is The Process For Impeaching A President?)

Robert Atkins and Adam P. Frankel wrote an oped for The Washington Post describing an unlikely scenario where Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, currently third in line, could assume the presidency should Pence resign or be impeached himself.

Meanwhile, the “People for Bernie” Twitter account elaborated on the Vermont senator’s tweet: