Power On With This Heavy Duty Workshop Metal Power Strip

Brandon Valencia Contributor
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If you’re working in construction, or you’re welding, woodworking, or doing any kind of home improvement, this is a must-have product. You can always use an extension cable cord, but that can only do so much, and if you’re working with heavy machinery, you need as much power as possible. 

That’s why the Workshop Metal Strip from ZESEN is the go-to product if you’re in need of power closer to your work station. ZESEN has a history of manufacturing and assembling the most affordable and high-quality outlets, appliances, timers, and other electrical devices for home improvement. 

It’s a solid build and easy to install, which is a relief when it comes to electrical devices that can be harmful if not handled with care. It’s also custom-built so you can drill this into a wall or a wood work station and it’s perfect for transformer/adaptor use.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

This ZESEN 12 Outlet Heavy Duty Workshop Metal Power Strip Surge Protector is perfect for powering multiple fans, power tools, and more! 

This product features 10 outlets and it’s spaced so far (3.74 inches) that any wide device can be plugged into it without interfering with other devices. While it can be used for any casual homeowners, this does have the power of a construction-type power strip. It has 1200 joule surge protection, a 4 ft AC power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug, and its bottom panel is convenient to mount on top of a wall or desk.

It’s currently on sale now for all Amazon Prime members, which you can purchase here. If you ask anyone that’s turned their garage into a work station, they’ll tell you that this is the best product you can buy at its current price. Its versatile function is ideal for protecting your heavy-duty machinery, your computers, printers, scanners, routers, television set, lamps, phone, faxes, and more. With this product, I’ve stopped having to move my equipment closer to a wall outlet or depending on an extension cord and it’s saved me a lot of time powering my devices without any hassle.

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