Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Under Fire For Ad Saying There Are Two Genders Has Not Changed His Mind

(Fox News screengrab)

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Louisiana Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham spoke out about an August campaign ad in which he drew fire for claiming there are two genders.

Appearing on Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend the ad, Abraham drew from his experience as a family doctor to unequivocally “assure” viewers that it only takes about “three seconds” to determine one of two genders for any born baby.


“What a strange world we live in, Tucker, where something that simple and that statement would set off a firestorm,” Abraham said. “Everyone knows that these transgender laws are about lawsuits. I live in Louisiana and if you live there you are four times more likely to be sued for anything. That’s why our car insurance is some of the highest in the nation.”

Abraham accused Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards of having “decimated our oil and gas industry with frivolous lawsuits,” saying that will end if he wins.

After a discussion about how such an environment creates rich attorneys, the Fox News host asked Abraham, who is a medical doctor, a question as a “man of science.” (RELATED: Ben Carson Defends Biological Reality: ‘If I Wake Up Tomorrow And I feel Like I’m Chinese, It Doesn’t Necessarily Make Me Chinese’)

“How many genders are there, as a scientific matter?” asked Tucker.

“As a scientific matter, I’ve delivered many babies as a family doctor,” Abraham responded. “I can assure you it takes me about three seconds to tell the parents, whether it’s a boy or whether it’s a girl.”

“We have got to get some common sense back into our culture,” he concluded.