Justin Amash: ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Donald Trump Asset’

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Michigan Independent Rep. Justin Amash blasted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “Donald Trump asset,” arguing in a Friday night Twitter post that Clinton’s criticism of Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard will only “drive many people into the arms of Donald Trump.”

“The thing we know for sure is that Hillary Clinton is a Donald Trump asset,” Amash, a frequent Trump critic who recently left the Republican Party to become an Independent, tweeted Friday night. “Hillary does — and did — drive many people into the arms of Donald Trump. Her attack on Tulsi does likewise. In my district, Trump did worse than any Republican in modern times and still beat Clinton by a fair margin. Many Ds in the Midwest rejected her. I didn’t vote for either one.”

Clinton called the Democratic Hawaii congresswoman a “favorite of the Russians” in a Friday podcast interview, arguing that the country has “a bunch of sites and bots” to support her. Gabbard fired back quickly via Twitter, calling the former first lady the “queen of warmongers,” and also in a Friday night appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where she criticized the Clinton’s support for “regime change wars.” (RELATED: Rand Paul Reveals ‘Extraordinary’ Reason Why Trump’s Syria Policy Might Be Working)

“This is why she’s speaking out strongly and smearing my character and trying to undermine my campaign,” Gabbard told Carlson. “Just as she is doing this to me, this is what will happen to anybody who is doing the same.”