John Kerry Implies To Amy Schumer Republicans Are Privately Telling Him Trump’s ‘Off Balance’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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John Kerry implied to Amy Schumer that Republicans are privately telling him that President Donald Trump is “not on the up and up” and is “off-balance.”

The comments came Tuesday during his appearance on the 38-year-old comedian’s podcast on Spotify called “3 Girls, 1 Keith” when the two were discussing there are “two major categories” of politicians that exist.

The former United States Secretary of State said that there are those serving who are there who “want to do the right thing” and those on the other side of the ledger who are just “craving to be there.” It starts at the 15:59 mark.  (RELATED: Kate Hudson Will Raise Her Daughter ‘Genderless’: We Don’t Know ‘What She’s Going To Identify As’)


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“I think it’s the people that are just there to do the people’s business and who are really earnest and uncorrupted by it and want to… and do the right thing,” Kerry explained. “Some of them will vote in a way that  know might lose them their seat. And they lose their seat.” (RELATED: TRAINWRECK–Tampa Crowd Eats Amy Schumer Alive For Going After Trump [VIDEO])

The former Massachusetts Senator went on to explain that he knows people who did that when it came to voting for the stimulus package after the crash of 2008 and passing the “bail out.”

“Then there are the people who will never do that,” Kerry said. “Those are the other side of the ledger. There are people who are craving to be there and being there becomes the goal in and of itself.”

“And they lose sight of what the constitution requires and what the country requires and they just will not speak out,” he added. “And unfortunately, that’s where a lot of, I don’t mean to be partisan, but the Republicans right now are, I think, in a really bad place.”

Kerry continued, “They know, they will tell you privately, they know that this guy [Trump] is not on the up and up. And that he’s  off-balance and so forth.”