Trump Primary Challenger Says He’d Vote For Joe Biden ‘In A Heartbeat’

(Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Trump primary challenger Bill Weld said Thursday that he would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump “in a heartbeat.”

The former Massachusetts Republican governor shared a stage at the CITIZEN by CNN conference with two fellow primary candidates — former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh — and told the crowd that he could easily pull the lever for Biden. (RELATED: ‘Three Stooges Running Against Me’: Trump Takes Aim At Primary Opponents)

“Could I vote for a Democrat?” Weld asked, noting that he would never support President Trump in a run for any elected office. “Hell yes. If it’s Trump against Joe Biden, I’m with Biden in a heartbeat.”

Weld argued that Biden stood the best chance against Trump in a general election because “he’s a lunch-pail Democrat. He’s a good guy. He’s a centrist, and Trump is not going to be able to play the socialism card against him.”

Despite hailing from Massachusetts, Weld was slightly less enthusiastic about the senator — and arguable frontrunner — from his home state, Elizabeth Warren. “I suppose I’d rather have her, with a couple of modifications in her platform,” he said, giving no indication of what those modifications might be.

Sanford and Walsh were more complementary of Warren, calling her Trump’s toughest potential opponent. Sanford called her “articulate and bright,” and Walsh added, “She’s got the energy and fire.”

Weld also made it clear that he was open to considering a third-party candidate.

President Trump has laughed off the trio of Republicans challenging him in the 2020 primary, referring to them as the “three stooges.”