Medical Professionals Rally To Protest Because Melania Trump Visited Babies Born Addicted To Drugs

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Medical professionals rallied Wednesday at Boston Medical Center in protest of a visit from First Lady Melania Trump.

According to Boston-based reporter Scott McDonnell, dozens gathered outside the medical center holding signs as Trump arrived. “Medical professionals standing in solidarity at Boston Medical center in protest of First Lady Melania Trumps visit.
First lady visiting cuddle program at Boston hospital for babies born on drugs,” he tweeted.

Photos and video McDonnell shared via Twitter showed dozens gathered with signs reading, “Reduce health care disparities,” “Children in cages can’t be cuddled,” “We really do care…do you.”

Some of those gathered outside spoke with local ABC affiliate WCVB, explaining that they were standing in solidarity “with the patient community” and sending a message to Melania Trump because “she is married to Donald Trump who is such a symbol of what we stand against.” (RELATED: Trump And Melania Place Candy Bars On Child’s Head During White House Halloween Party)


The cuddling program seeks to provide comfort to infants who are born addicted to drugs.

Trump spoke with the crowd, saying, “It is so important to acknowledge and show gratitude for  what you are doing. I hope today’s visit helps to shine a light on how programs like your cuddling assists in lowering maternal and infant stress.”