‘This Is Some Sh*t’: Kamala Harris Releases 2016 Election Night Footage Of Her Consoling Her Team

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Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris released 2016 election night footage of her reacting to a potential Donald Trump victory and bracing her team for the “fight” to come.

The footage, released Friday night via social media, began with Harris talking with her staffers as it became imminent that Trump was about to win and describing a just-finished “family dinner” during which she had to console her nephew and godson, Alexander, who had come to her in tears.

“I said ‘Come here little man, what’s going on?'” she said. “And he looked up at me, I swear to God, and he looked up me and he said ‘I don’t want Trump to win. Did he win?’ And he’s crying, and I mean, so the tears of joy we shed when we elected Barack Obama, and then my little godson’s tears tonight cause we might have elected Donald Trump, this is some shit.”

Harris told her team to “be prepared to fight” in a “different kind of campaign.”

“It’s not to win an office, but it’s gonna be a campaign to fight for everything that motivated us to run for this office in the first place,” she said. “Because I think there is no question that everything we can that we have been talking about, in terms of everything from criminal justice reform to climate change to immigration, this shit is now really on the line. There is no guarantee that we are any closer than every before and we may actually be further behind.”

The California senator said she equated the fight to come to superheroes. (RELATED: AIDE: Trump Couldn’t Wait To Take His Victory And ‘Shove It Up Kasich’s Ass’)

“When they’re facing a challenge, and the mean guys are coming at them, what do they do?” she said. “He said ‘They fight back,’ and I said ‘Yes, so we have to be like superheroes and it’s okay to have emotion, superheroes, all good ones have emotion, but we’re going to have to fight.'”