‘What Pantywaists’: Brit Hume Rips Into Alma Mater UVA For Axing 21-Gun Salute

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume had a bone to pick Monday with his alma mater after learning that University of Virginia had canceled a Veterans Day 21-gun salute.

Hume shared an article detailing the university’s decision — an effort to avoid traumatizing students or disrupting classes — along with his own assessment of the move. “As an alumnus, I am embarrassed. What pantywaists,” he said.

Hume was not the only one disappointed with the decision to do away with the traditional 21-gun salute — which had been part of UVA’s 24-hour vigil and Veterans Day program for over a decade. (RELATED: Brit Hume Tangles With Ben Rhodes, Kasie Hunt Over Kamala Harris And The Sequined Jacket)

Former UVA ROTC student and veteran Jay Levine told the local NBC affiliate that he planned to take action and push back against the decision. “I am very disillusioned, very upset, and very surprised that they would make such a decision. Freedom isn’t free. There’s a cost and that cost is borne by the veterans and the families of those veterans.”

University President Jim Ryan explained that there were two reasons for canceling the salute. “One is that it would be disruptive to classes and two unfortunately with gun violence in the U.S., there was some concern that we would cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on grounds.”