‘I Thought You Might Have Been High’: Booker Attacks Biden Over Marijuana Stance

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/MSNBC

William Davis Contributor
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Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker attacked former Vice President Joe Biden over his stance on marijuana legalization in a tense moment during Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate.

Booker’s attacks on the former vice president came during a discussion on racial inequality. Biden said earlier this week that he is not ready to support marijuana legalization, saying that it might be a “gateway drug.” (RELATED: DNC Drops Putrid Fundraising Numbers In Middle Of Debate)

“This week I hear him (Biden) literally say that I don’t think we should legalize marijuana,” Booker said. “I thought you might have been high when you said it.”

The zinger drew laughs from the audience before Booker pivoted back to his main point of racial inequality. (RELATED: Cory Booker: Sometimes I Feel Like Punching Trump)

“Marijuana in our country is already legal for privileged people,” Booker said. “The war on drugs has been at war on black and brown people.”


Booker continued to argue that the war on drugs has disproportionately impacted African Americans.

“With more African Americans under criminal supervision in America than all of the slaves since 1850, do not roll up into communities and not talk directly to issues that are gonna relate to the liberation of children,” Booker said.