Ana Navarro Says ‘The Good News’ Is That Witnesses Aren’t Getting Killed, Admits ‘We’re Not North Korea’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro suggested Friday that “the good news” with regard to the impeachment hearings was that the witnesses weren’t “getting killed” for testifying against President Donald Trump.

Navarro, a Friday regular on ABC’s “The View,” argued that there were a number of other countries where testifying against a sitting president could result in very serious, even deadly, consequences.


Navarro said that the most disturbing thing for her so far had been the response to “domestic patriots like Vindman and Fiona Hill, like Ambassador Taylor, like Holmes.”

She went on to note that continuing down that path could prove dangerous, saying, “We are attacking people that are serving our country, and I think this is going to have a long-term effect. You know, and I’m trying to think of something positive coming out of this.”

“Ninety miles away from where I live, there’s Cuba,” Navarro continued. “Two hours away is Venezuela, Nicaragua. You couldn’t do what we are seeing done in the United States right now in so many countries because it would get these people killed, it would get these people jailed, it would get these people tortured.”

“Which people?” Joy Behar asked. (RELATED: Joy Behar Taunts Meghan McCain: ‘I’ll Give You Lasagna When You Give Me Your Guns’)

“The people testifying against the president,” Navarro explained. “The people saying he committed a quid pro quo, the people that are —”

Behar interrupted, “So that’s the good news.”

“Yes, that is the good news,” Navarro repeated.

“That they’re not being killed,” Behar said.

“No, it is. Seriously. I mean, we’re not North Korea,” Navarro admitted.

“We are America. I believe we still have a First Amendment right in this country,” Behar agreed.