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Swalwell That Ends Well: Congressman Gets His Own Gaseous Holiday Gift

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It was the fart heard around the world.

On national TV.

Sure, it was petty, childish and probably inconsequential, better suited for a boys sleep away camp than Washington’s uptight political culture. But few will forget the “pffftttt” that recently erupted from the ether of MSNBC’s “Hardball” hosted by Chris Matthews anytime soon.

Debates went on for days: Was it Matthews or California Rep. Eric Swalwell the former Democratic PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL who sits on the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE and appeared on the show that day. Collective heads swirled in the toilet, but no one cared how ridiculous it was —  Fartgate held on for as long as it could. (RELATED: Did Eric Swalwell Just Fart On Live TV?)

But Swalwell that ends well: the congressman who has denied that the fart erupted from him, is getting his own Whoopee Cushion. The news emerged Tuesday in Washington Free Beacon‘s political swag department.

Eric Swalwell whoopee cushion/Washington Free Beacon/Screenshot.

I put in a call to Swalwell’s press office to ask how Swalwell feels about the gift that keeps on giving. “Give me one moment,” said a female voice who answered the press office phone. The woman said no press secretary was available but gave me an email to use to request comment. If a comment arrives, I will bring it to you immediately.

Matthews’ PR team also denied that the fart came from the host’s derriere, despite audio evidence that showed that he had allegedly done this sort of thing before. Ridiculously, they reasoned it was a just glass scraping across a desk. A glass my ass!

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Slate’s Ashley Feinberg was Team Swalwell all the way.

“I’ve been offline because I’m sick and can’t think of anything worse than looking at tweets but I feel a responsibility to point out that MSNBC has a notorious farting problem and I firmly believe it came from inside the house and that Swalwell is innocent,” Feinberg tweeted in the congressman’s defense. (RELATED: #Fartgate Remarks — Ranked)

She quickly wrote MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, imploring him to give her intel: “It’s never been more deathly important for you to tell me who the MSNBC farter is.”

Swalwell issued a pointed denial to BuzzFeed‘s Addy Baird by text.

“I’m really sorry to ask you this but I have to ask if this was you or someone in the studio,” she wrote him.

The congressman replied, “It was not me!!!!!” (That’s five exclamation points, but who’s counting?)

He claimed he never heard it.

She pressed him, saying, “You look like you heard it and are stifling a laugh.”

He repeated his denial, saying he “def” did not hear it.

If you’re Swalwell, this blows. But if you’re a politically savvy person who needs stocking stuffers for immature relatives or your 10-year-old nephew, this may be your best bet.

The price tag for this beauty: $15.