Jonathan Turley Says Even His Wife And Dog Got Threats After Impeachment Testimony

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told CBS that even his wife and dog had been subjected to threats after his testimony in last week’s impeachment hearings.

Turley made an appearance Monday with CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell to discuss his testimony and the threats he received after arguing that the impeachment of President Donald Trump was too rushed and too thin. Turley had also argued in that same hearing that further investigation was necessary and might ultimately lead to impeachment, but that the case had not yet been made to his satisfaction.

“I know you received a lot of threats after what you did last week,” O’Donnell said, responding to Turley’s claims that he had received threats both at his home and from people demanding that GWU terminate his employment. (RELATED: Jonathan Turley Calls For Civility In Impeachment Hearing — Gets Threats Instead)

“And my wife and dog,” Turley interjected.

“To be fair, you did talk about them during your testimony. You did bring up your wife and dog,” O’Donnell pointed out.

“Who would shoot a Goldendoodle?” Turley asked. “Maybe a Shih Tzu, but not a Goldendoodle. I don’t understand where the anger comes from. Although as an academic, the thought that you could talk about James Madison and that would be fighting words is something I haven’t seen outside of a law school.”

In spite of threats, however, Turley has not backed down from his initial position. He responded to Tuesday’s articles of impeachment by saying that the Democrats were doomed to failure.