‘#DirtyDonald’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rips McConnell For Standing With Trump

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Phillip Nieto Contributor
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had strong words for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday night after referring to the president as “Dirty Donald.”

Cuomo called Trump’s scandals — including allegedly paying off porn star Stormy Daniels — “dirty” while criticizing the GOP for supporting the president as the House gets closer to voting on articles of impeachment. (RELATED: ‘I’ll F**ing Ruin Your S**t’ — Chris Cuomo Absolutely Loses It When Trump Supporter Calls Him ‘Fredo’)

“It’s not illegal, but there is another word that keeps seeming to fit so much what of this president and his pals do: ‘dirty,'” said the anchor. “All of it, maybe not illegal, but just dirty, #DirtyDonald.”

“Once again, this president’s pull on his party seems to trump all and the adherence to any oath doesn’t seem to matter except the loyalty oath to him,” he added.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to move forward articles of impeachment against the president on Friday, accusing the president of obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Sean Hannity that if the House votes to impeach Trump that the trial in the Senate would acquit him.