Nancy Grace Finds It ‘Very Hard To Believe’ That Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

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Former HLN host Nancy Grace told Fox News host Jesse Watters that she finds it “very hard to believe” that convicted pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in his prison cell.

“I don’t really believe in many conspiracies because I don’t think people think that deeply, and I also don’t think they can keep their traps shut,” Grace said during a Saturday night “Watters World” interview after telling Watters she was going out on a “conspiracy limb.”

“I’m not big on conspiracy theories, however, after prosecuting many, many strangulation homicides, be it through ligature or manual strangulation, I find it very, very hard to believe — not impossible — that multiple bones were snapped in Epstein’s neck through suicide,” Grace said. “Those injuries are much more commonly found in strangulation by homicide.”

Grace said it’s “entirely possible” that Epstein had blackmailed many public figures: “According to sources that were inside his Manhattan townhome, the place was covered in video cameras. What do you think he was doing with all those video cameras?” (RELATED: Leaked Footage: ABC Reporter Who Interviewed Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Thinks He Was ‘100 Percent’ Killed)

Watters told Grace that he is currently “speaking with an individual who claims he has a good amount of some of these videos. And he’s in hiding right now.”