Celebrate The 75-Year Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Bulge With Iconic ‘Band Of Brothers’ Scenes

Battle of the Bulge (Credit: Wiki Commons/Public Domain/ U.S. Army https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Battle_of_the_Bulge#/media/File:US_soldiers_take_cover_under_fire_in_Germany_23-0469M.JPG)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Monday marks the 75-year anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge between German and American forces in WWII.

For those of you who don’t know, the Battle of the Bulge was a German counteroffensive meant to try break apart the Allies’ lines and push American forces on the Western Front. (RELATED: Watching ‘Band Of Brothers’ Never Gets Old. Here’s Why It’s Such A Great Series)

The battle got underway December 16, 1944 as the Germans threw everything they had at American forces. The most famous part of the battle will always be the paratroopers who held off the onslaught.

Despite being outnumbered, outgunned, lacking sufficient winter clothing, lacking sufficient weapons and ammunition, the paratroopers held the line at all costs.

With the Germans encircling Bastogne and surrounding the 101st Airborne, Anthony C. McAuliffe was given the option to surrender.

He famously repliednuts,” and the Americans held on to win the battle. The heroic actions of the airborne were covered in the HBO hit “Band of Brothers.” Check out some of the incredible scenes of Easy Company below.

The Bastogne scenes in “Band of Brothers” are some of the most chilling WWII action ever put on film. I’d like to think I’d have the courage to do what the men in the 101st Airborne did if I was in a similar situation, but I doubt I would.

There’s no reason for how they held out against overwhelming odds other than they were just the toughest people America had.

I’m proud of every single one of those guys, and on the 75th anniversary of the battle, I encourage you all to take a moment and remember them.

They truly were the greatest generation.