Bloomberg Passes Buttigieg In RCP Betting Odds, Could Blow Past Warren Next

REUTERS/Shaun Best

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Billionaire and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has pushed ahead of Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the Real Clear Politics Betting Odds Average.

“@MikeBloomberg has now passed Buttigieg for 4th place in the RCP Betting Odds Average. If the upward trend continues, he’ll soon be moving into 3rd place ahead of Warren,” Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan tweeted Friday. (RELATED: Gun Control’s Godfather Is In)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still atop the heap at 36.1, 9.4 points ahead of his closest competitor — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 26.7. (RELATED: Rick Santorum Says Biden ‘Benefited’ From His Own Bad Debate Performances)

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren comes in at 13.8, with Bloomberg closing in at 12.1. Buttigieg follows with 11.9. (RELATED: Buttigieg Suggests US Bears Some Blame For Iran Blowing Up Airplane)

All the remaining prospects — including several who have either dropped out or never even declared a candidacy such as Oprah Winfrey and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — rank in single digits.

Another key takeaway, as Bevan notes, is the overall trends. Of the 19 people ranked, only three are showing marked upward trends: Biden, Sanders and Bloomberg.