The Bernie Sanders Surge Is ‘Definitely Real’ — Tucker Carlson And Guest Saagar Enjeti Agree

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Hill’s Saagar Enjeti said Monday that the apparent surge of independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was “definitely real.”

The Daily Caller alum joined Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson to discuss Sanders’ populist appeal, the fact that he recently topped the Des Moines Register poll, and whether or not the self-described socialist could win the Democratic presidential nomination.


Carlson began the segment by noting Sanders’ surge in recent polls, adding, “This isn’t just one of those story lines of the week that you can dismiss as stupid. This seems may be more real than most of them. Do you agree with that?” (RELATED: Warren Issues Statement, Stands By Claims That Bernie Sanders Told Her A Woman Couldn’t Win)

“It’s definitely real. You see him at the top of the Des Moines Register poll,” Enjeti agreed, reminding viewers that the winner of that particular poll had gone on to win the nomination the last six elections. “This is a real possibility that Democrats are facing but you see a lot of the establishment really starting to freak out because they do not know how to deal with somebody who’s been telling some truths about the economy and about war. It’s really analogous to President Trump’s run in 2015 when you saw the exact same thing, all these people who beat the war drum for Iraq, who signed a lot of the trade deals have really no response.”

Carlson then brought up Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who issued a statement Monday doubling down on reports that Sanders had once told her a woman couldn’t win. “‘Bernie and I met for more than two hours in December of 2018 to discuss the 2020 election. Among the topics that came up is what would happen if the Democrats nominated a female candidate. I thought a woman could win, he disagreed,'” Carlson quoted, adding, “Essentially, Warren is attacking Sanders as a sexist. Is this an effective attack?”

Enjeti was not convinced. “It’s not a sexist attack. And the funny thing about this is that they are collapsing under the purity test they set for themselves. You are not allowed to impugn or ask the character or why this attack would be forthcoming at this time,” he explained.

“The truth is Elizabeth Warren seems to be upset that Bernie and other people were pointing out the other truth, upper middle-class white people are the only people who support her, so they launched this attack against Bernie,” Enjeti concluded.