Bill Hemmer Sends A Message To Fox News Viewers As He Replaces Shep Smith

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Bill Hemmer kicked off the first day of his new afternoon program “Bill Hemmer Reports” Monday, saying that he will always be “fair.”

“I am very happy to start this next chapter with you at home. We won’t solve the world’s issues in an hour, but over time, we will understand them better,” Hemmer said.

“I call it the ‘whole picture.’ We’ll be fast and we’ll try to be first, but we will focus on being fair. In the end, the ‘whole picture’ takes time. But over time we hope to see you around here more often and that’s our word.”

“From Studio H at the corner of 48th and 6th avenue in New York City, I’m Bill Hemmer and we will have more news when we continue, next,” he concluded. (RELATED: Rep. Swalwell Says They Have Proof Of Collusion, Bill Hemmer Pushes Back)

Hemmer is replacing Shep Smith after he resigned from the network last fall. Hemmer was named as his replacement in December. (RELATED: Bill Hemmer To Chuck Schumer: ‘Is It That Hard’ To Credit Trump For Hostage Release?)

President Donald Trump mocked Smith after he left Fox, saying that he probably left because of “bad ratings.” (RELATED: Here’s What Shepard Smith Told Viewers During His Final Moment On Fox News)