Geraldo Rivera Knocked Rudy Giuliani For Deteriorating ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ — The Audience Was Not Happy

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera told a live “Fox & Friends” show Friday that he thinks President Donald Trump’s Rudy Giuliani is starting to “deteriorate right before your very eyes,” and the audience was not happy.

“I’ve known him since he was a newly-appointed U.S. attorney in the Southern district here in New York…then he became America’s mayor, and we all lived through that trauma with him when he was the most magnificent elected official on earth,” Rivera said.

“To see him kind of deteriorate right before your very eyes, and I love the guy…But I think that this is…”

Rivera continued to talk with the two hosts, and the audience apparently reacted, as Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt said, “We have a lot of people in the audience, that are not agreeing with you, Geraldo.”

“I don’t come here for people to agree with me, I come here to tell you how I feel from the bottom of my heart,” Rivera told the audience, “And, from the bottom of my heart, I feel like Rudy Giuliani has been diminished by this entire saga and I think the more he talks the worse it is for the president of the United States.”

Rivera has been a longtime voice on Fox, and often has fiery interactions with other commentators. Earlier this month, he argued with Brian Kilmeade about Trump’s Iran strategy, during which he accused Kilmeade of peddling “absolute baloney.”

He also had an appearance on “Hannity” cancelled this month after he urged Trump to be cautious when dealing with Iran. (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera Snaps Over CNN’s Attack On Fox News: ‘F*ck You And F*ck Russia’)