Jesse Watters Tells Tucker What Happened When Three Bernie Sanders Supporters Got On An Elevator With Him

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Fox News host Jesse Watters told fellow network host Tucker Carlson about his encounter with three supporters of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders while getting on his apartment elevator.

Describing what he acknowledged may or may not have been a “one-off situation” on Saturday night’s edition of “Watters World,” Watters told Carlson that, while these particular Sanders supporters immediately recognized him and told him they disagreed with his politics, they also praised Fox News for being fair to their candidate.

“Coming home the other night,” Watters said. “I get on the elevator and the elevator doors are closing and at the last second, an arm goes through. Elevator doors open up and three Bernie Sanders supporters walk into the elevator, and they immediately recognize me and they say ‘I know who you are,’ and I got nervous. And then they said, ‘well, I don’t agree with anything you say or anything you believe in, but you guys’ — meaning Fox — ‘are the only ones who have treated Bernie Sanders fairly.'”

The Sanders supporters then revealed who they would be voting for if they “rob Bernie again.”

“And I said, ‘yeah he’s getting screwed over just like the media tried to screw over Trump, just like it happened last time.’ And she said to me, ‘You know what’s going to happen? They’re going to rob Bernie again, and we’re going to vote for Donald Trump again.’ I couldn’t believe it!” (RELATED: Things Get Heated When Jesse Watters Asks Juan Williams To Apologize To Wrongfully Accused West Point Cadets)

Carlson, however, entirely believed it.

“They want to shut [Sanders] up by calling him names using their identity politics playbook and make him go away,” Carlson said, describing why there is so much “sympathy on the right” for Sanders. “They did it the first time and they’re doing it again.”