Jesse Watters Puts Yovanovitch Firing In Stark Perspective: ‘Under Obama, Ambassadors Were Coming Back In Body Bags’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News host Jesse Watters put the firing of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in stark perspective on Friday night’s edition of Fox News’ “The Five” when he brought up Obama’s firing of all Bush-appointed ambassadors, and one Obama-era ambassador who never came home.

Yovanovitch’s Friday testimony garnered sympathy from many, including Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and “The Five” co-host Juan Williams, who related on the show that the Obama appointee felt like “she had been smeared.”

But Watters wasn’t buying it.

“Oh, poor baby,” said the Fox News host. “When Obama got into office he fired all the ambassadors and replaced them at will. He can do whatever he wants. All presidents can.”

“Under Obama, ambassadors were coming back in body bags,” said Watters, referring to Christopher Stevens, the former U.S. ambassador to Libya who was killed by Islamic extremists in 2012. “Now, everyone’s upset because one got fired? So what? People get fired all the time. It doesn’t make a difference.” (RELATED: WaPo Columnist: GOP Senators Want A ‘Lengthy’ Trial, Think Impeachment Will ‘Energize’ Base Like Kavanaugh Hearings In 2018)

Watters then went on a roll, comparing Democrats’ accusations against President Donald Trump with actions by Democrats.

Witness tampering? Really? Schiff colluded with the whistleblower. That’s witness tampering. Bribing? How about when Obama sends pallets of cash to Iran? That’s more of a bribe than this. Freezing aid for a blink of an eye? That’s a bribe? Tweeting is not an impeachable offence. That’s witness tampering? Trump says let’s go to court, and then they want to get him for obstruction. They’re criminalizing everything.