Joy Behar Is ‘Praying’ Trump Will ‘Go Off Script’ And Botch State Of The Union

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Tuesday that she was hoping to see a presidential meltdown at the State of the Union address later that evening.

Behar said during a segment of ABC’s “The View” that she hoped to see President Donald Trump “go off script and be completely nuts,” adding that she’d like to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting behind the president with a sign that just said “impeach.”


“Tonight is the State of the Union and I’m hoping people will watch because we have to talk about it tomorrow. It’s like a homework assignment,” Behar laughed as the segment began. (RELATED: Joy Behar Blames Trump For Racial Division, Cites Two Fake Stories To Prove Her Point)

Whoopi Goldberg was an immediate no, as she jokingly tied the SOTU to her long battle with pneumonia. “I’m not going to watch because the last time I watched the State of the Union, it put me in the hospital,” she said. “So, yeah, no. You’ll tell me what he said.”

“I’m just hoping, you know, let’s watch the body language, you know?” Behar continued. “Nancy Pelosi’s going to be sitting behind him, and I’m hoping she’ll have a sign that says ‘impeach.’ Nadler and Schiff and those guys are going to be right in front which will freak him out.”

Meghan McCain was not convinced. “It’s not going to freak him out,” she said.

Behar went on to say that Trump needed to be “presidential” but she didn’t believe that would happen. “Like he’s going to be presidential,” she scoffed. “There’s no way this guy knows how to be presidential, and I’m hoping he’ll just get freaked out, go off script and be completely nuts. That’s what I’m praying for.”

“Do you think he’ll reference the impeachment? I wonder about that,” Sunny Hostin asked.

“No. No, I don’t think so,” McCain argued. “He doesn’t talk about impeachment at all. No way.”

“He sees Nadler’s face, he might just trigger himself,” Behar laughed.

Hostin went on to suggest that the president would only focus on the things he thought were positive, adding, “The only thing is I know he’s going to probably try to mention Soleimani, you know, and all of these — the economy and things he considers successes, but I would like to hear him talk about the fact that there are still kids in cages, still kids that are separated —”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Behar cracked as she and Hostin continued to list the things they’d like to hear the president discuss.

“This is a pipe dream, and I love you, but this is a pipe dream,” McCain concluded, arguing that it made no sense for Trump to melt down when his overall numbers were good. “He’s going to take a victory lap over the impeachment, he’s going to take a victory lap over the cluster that just happened in Iowa, and now he has the State of the Union which is this huge audience in front of all of America, and in this moment he’s doing pretty well. I mean, I just don’t think the idea he’s going to decombust in front of the State of the Union is logical.”