Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (For Her)

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The modern woman is on-the-go, traveling, sharing and full of ‘fitspiration’ (we’re told that’s a word). For Valentine’s Day 2020 we’re tailoring for the busy and business-centric woman who is focused on success in their professional and personal life.

Here is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift-guide for her, spanning from getting ready in the morning to relaxing at night:

1. Echo Show 5 (with Alexa)

Perhaps the most practical and portable smart screen available, the Echo Show 5 can go from bathroom to counter top to bedside, or wherever it’s needed.

(via Amazon.com)

Integrated with Alexa from Amazon, the Echo Show 5 can provide weather or smart calendar displays in the morning, or even get her caught up with her favorite show.

Use it hands-free to control music or call your loved one while getting ready, and by nightfall it can sit by your bedside to act as an alarm clock, photo display or deliver your nightly content.

2. Beats Solo3 Wireless – Pop Collection

These Beats Solo3 Wireless are not only renewed with an Amazon guarantee, they come with great designs that your favorite girl is sure to be a fan of.

Choose from over 15 designs (via Amazon.com)

Say goodbye to wired-headphones forever (in style) and hello to approximately 20 hours of listening per-charge. Paired to your iPhone or Android, they’re as perfect as they are for traveling as they are for the gym. These headphones also test through the roof at 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, with nearly 1,000 ratings.

3. Smartpen & Notebook

If she’s a student, professional or wants to record her writing, notes or workouts (or any art for that matter) the Neo Smartpen M1 with Hardcover Notebook is going to make transferring her content to a digital platform a breeze.

(via Amazon.com)

Don’t let the simple design fool you, the Smartpen captures your handwriting and turns it into digital text. Thinner and lighter than other models, it stores any drawings or writing in its app, ready to share.

Remember, it’s the pen the makes the magic here, so you can use it with any notebook.

4. RFID-Blocking Clutch

In today’s world of data breaches and ‘cloud’ snatching, protection against data and identity theft are paramount across both genders. Amazon’s Choice and top-selling Travelambo Womens Leather Clutch provides style with added security.

Security doesn’t have to look bad (via Amazon.com)

Available in more colors than we can count, the protection provided from this clutch is invisible. This is what makes this a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Underneath the leather-layer, an embroidered lining protects all chip cards in the wallet from digital theft and protects privacy. It’s a good size, and when this wallet is closed it is completely protected, providing her with piece of mind.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Fleece PJs

When the day is done, we know girls are all about comfort. Rewarding a hard day’s work, this Valentine’s Day gift provides epic comfort that doesn’t take a hit in the style department.

(via Amazon.com)


The Hilfiger PJs are not only social-media ready, they are machine washable and have an elastic waistband, so they work for almost any body type.

The fleece ensures comfort, while also ensuring that you’re the hero.

6. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Not everyone has time for the gym, every. Single. Day. The Fitbit Blaze can help with that, a lot; tracking steps and heart rate to make sure we get the required amount of activity needed every day.

Otherwise, use it to track your running, cross-training or cycling. The Fitbit plots your route with GPS and of course tracks your times so you can see those gains.

(via Amazon.com)

Of course, you can still use it for more day-to-day options like reading texts or controlling music by syncing to your iPhone or Android, so she will still get calendar alerts or a notification when you call to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even though you likely didn’t forget, be sure to refresh yourself on styles and color schemes that the special lady is most likely to fall in love with, as these items have plenty of style options.

These Valentine’s Day suggestions, of course, should be coupled with the classics that need not be numbered: chocolates, dinner, a card etc.

Always shop from the heart, always customize, and always show effort on Valentine’s Day.

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