‘Was That Like Therapy?’: Juan Williams Slams Trump Acquittal Victory Lap

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Juan Williams questioned President Donald Trump’s behavior during a Thursday speech celebrating his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial.

Williams made the comments during a Friday morning discussion on “America’s Newsroom,” saying that he found the entire speech “bizarre.” (RELATED: ‘Obviously A Coordinated Stunt’: Jesse Watters Slams Bolton Leak As A ‘Hatchet Job’)


Williams responded to the speech by saying the real takeaway was how the president was “willing to conduct himself,” saying, “I thought what happened yesterday in the East Room of the White House was bizarre. I said to Ed in the green room earlier, was that like therapy? Just a stream of conscious, using profanity. I think some people see it as authentic. I don’t know. For me, it is puzzling.”

Ed Henry asked, “Hasn’t he been under assault for three years?”

“Under assault, how’s that?” Williams asked. “He is president of the United States.”

“Did you follow the Mueller report?” Henry shot back.

“The Mueller report? I believe that he said — I don’t agree with this but his language — he was exonerated, Ed, by the Mueller report,” Williams replied.

“Right. But for two years, was investigated with claims of collusion from Russia with Adam Schiff that were never proven, right?” Henry asked.

Williams went on to argue that because Trump was still president, the continued allegations against him and investigations into his behavior and conduct didn’t actually constitute “attacks.”