‘Why Are We Not Talking About That?’: Meghan McCain Blasts Double Standard For Trump And Sanders On Russia

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Monday that conversations about Russian election interference should include Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as well as President Donald Trump.

McCain, along with “The View” cohost Sunny Hostin, voiced concerns over reports that Sanders’ campaign had also been briefed about Russian interference on their behalf — but differed greatly in their assessment of the media’s response. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Blames Bernie For Using Russia As A ‘Cop-Out’ For His ‘Misogynistic Followers’)


“Bernie was briefed privately about the fact that Russia is likely helping him with his election and wasn’t really that forthright, in my opinion, with the public,” Hostin explained, noting that Sanders had made at least one statement saying that he did not want Russian President Vladimir Putin involved in American elections.

“I also think a piece of this is about the fact that if Bernie, let’s say is the nominee and if he wins, Trump will contest the results of the election because of Russia being involved and so that may also be part of the Russian plan,” Hostin continued.

McCain suggested that the real problem was the fact that even though intelligence suggested that Russia might be working behind the scenes on behalf of both Trump and Sanders, the headlines — and the discussion — was only about Trump.

Noting that Friday’s show had opened with the story about Trump, McCain added, “We didn’t mention that Bernie was also briefed at the same time. That was completely omitted from reports. We also didn’t mention that now it’s come out that maybe people that had briefed those people, briefed the campaigns, may have overstepped it a little bit.”

“I always think it’s interesting that when we’re talking about Russia, we only ever talk about Trump. When it comes out that Bernie has as serious a problem as Trump does,” McCain concluded. “Why aren’t we talking about that?”