Meghan McCain Cheers Elizabeth Warren: ‘I Really Enjoyed Watching You Rip Out Mayor Bloomberg’s Jugular’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain praised Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her performance in Wednesday evening’s debate.

McCain, who has often been critical of Warren’s policies, spoke with Warren during Thursday’s “The View” and cheered her for making pointed and repeated attacks on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Unloads On Joy Behar For Attacking Trump While Giving Bloomberg A Pass)


“Hello, Senator, this is Meghan,” McCain began. “First of all, congratulations last night. I really enjoyed watching you. I really enjoyed watching you rip out Mayor Bloomberg’s jugular, I really did.”

“So nice,” Warren smiled.

“I too take great offense at the idea that you’ve been running for president and all the other candidates have been running for president for a long time and you should drop out because he has billions of dollars,” McCain continued. “The time that Trump came up last night was when you compared him to saying that Democrats aren’t going to win the nomination if they have a history of harassing women, I think this is an incredibly strong point. He has a history of both misogynistic and racially charged comments over a long period of time and I believe the media has given him a huge pass on this.”

McCain turned the question to Warren then, asking why she believed Bloomberg might be getting a pass in spite of his flaws. “I think it’s very confusing for Democrats,” she said. “Why do you think the media seems to want to give Bloomberg a pass until you rightfully so-called him out last night?”

“You know, I think you’re asking the question, Meghan, why do they always seem to give the billionaires extra consideration?” Warren replied. “Because I think that’s what’s happened here but you know what I’ll bet he’s doing right now? I’ll bet he’s reaching in his pocket and spending $100 million more on advertising to try to erase everyone’s memory of what happened last night.”

Warren went on to attack Bloomberg’s record as mayor and as a business owner, adding, “The Democrats should not appoint someone who has a history of embracing racially outrageous practices like stop and frisk and redlining, and we should not have a nominee who has — we don’t know how many times he’s been charged with discrimination against women or with sexual harassment and has just shoveled some of his money in to cover it up.”

She once again pointed out Bloomberg’s unwillingness to offer a blanket release of the women who were still under non-disclosure agreements, saying, “Too many men have gotten away with that for far too long and it stops now.”