‘Sanders Hates The Country He Seeks To Lead’: Tucker Breaks Down Bernie’s ‘Radical Open Borders Policy’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson analyzed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ “radical open borders policy” on Thursday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Despite the assumption by many on both the left and the right that the Independent Vermont senator could never win in November, Carlson contended that Sanders very well “could win the general election.”

“We take Sanders seriously. We think you should take him seriously too,” the Fox News host said before introducing the first part of a new series on “Bernie Sanders’ America” with an analysis of the Vermont senator’s immigration platform.


After noting the more conservative immigration views Sanders held before his presidential bid, Carlson contended that he is now “as radical on immigration as anyone else in the race.”

Those views include coming out “against virtually all deportations,” including those of violent criminals.

“But Sanders wouldn’t stop there,” said the Fox News host. “He’s planning to unilaterally enact many pieces of the New Way Forward Act. That’s the lunatic piece of legislation we’ve covered on this show extensively. It’s designed to protect criminal aliens. That’s the point of it. Sanders has pledged to end the ban on deported criminals re-entering the United States. He’s pledged to eliminate expedited removal. That’s the policy that allows obvious illegal aliens to be kicked out of the county swiftly. He’s promised to give discretion to immigration judges so they can protect any illegal aliens who somehow beat the odds and face actual deportation. Sanders has also vowed to end all workplace immigration raids, so that big business will be able to rely on illegal labor with impunity. That’s something he spent 30 years attacking, now he’s for it. And ending those raids will be easy since Sanders is planning to abolish ICE.”

The Vermont senator’s plan also includes decriminalizing border crossings, abolishing the Border Patrol, and “amnesty for all current illegal aliens,” a measure that would “change the electoral balance in this country permanently, forever.” 1846

“This is what radical open borders policy looks like,” said Carlson. “Sanders is arguing that everyone on earth has the effective right to come to this country, anytime, and receive the benefits of citizenship. In a Sanders administration, those benefits would include, but would not be limited to, free college, free health care, and full eligibility for food stamps and welfare.” (RELATED: Tucker Reveals Democratic Plan To Protect Illegal Alien Criminals From Deportation, And ‘Fundamentally’ Change America)

Carlson contended that Sanders has “no answers” to questions like how to pay for his plan and how it would affect American institutions: “He clearly doesn’t care about the consequences of his plans. Why? There’s really only one possible answer, because he doesn’t care about the United States or its future. It’s obvious that Sanders hates the country he seeks to lead. There’s no other explanation for it, and that’s a very dangerous quality in a president.”