Tucker Carlson And Saagar Enjeti Discuss The ‘One Thing’ Bernie Sanders Has Not Been Consistent On

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson and The Hill’s Saagar Enjeti discussed the remarkable ideological consistency displayed by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on virtually every issue, except immigration.

The Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment began with a breakdown and even praise for some of the Independent Vermont senator’s proposals, including seeking to increase “wages for the working class” and “reducing income inequality,” before lamenting the fact that such lofty goals are made virtually impossible by the open borders Sanders now espouses.


“Bernie Sanders’s appeal to most people is he’s been consistent on the issues for 30 years,” said Enjeti. “On healthcare, the economy. What is the one thing that he’s not been consistent on? Immigration.”

The conservative commentator noted that Sanders’s position prior to the 2020 presidential race was such that even Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King said that “he agrees more with Bernie Sanders on immigration than most people in the Republican Party.”

“Which was true at that point,” he said. “[Sanders] was on CNN, Lou Dobbs’ show, 2007, directly tying millions of illegal immigrants entering this country, depressing American wages. It’s completely contradictory to the rest of his message and to the countries, the Nordic countries that have the similar style socialist systems that he wants to implement. They don’t have immigration systems like this one for a reason, because it’s insane and you can’t pay for that.” (RELATED: ‘Sanders Hates The Country He Seeks To Lead’: Tucker Breaks Down Bernie’s ‘Radical Open Borders Policy’)

“There’s no country on planet Earth that has or ever had or will ever have as far as I can tell the immigration system that he’s calling for,” Carlson said. “Does he understand — I think there’s a market for universal healthcare. There certainly is according to the polls. You literally can’t do that without tight border controls. Has he acknowledged it?”

Enjeti contended that, while the Vermont senator once called open borders “a right-wing Koch brothers proposal,” implementing Sanders’s current policies on immigration would lead to “an effective rush” to the border as millions of immigrants come for free handouts.

“The only people that buy that are pampered guilty liberals who hate themselves,” Carlson concluded. “That’s literally the only audience for this kind of nonsense.”