HUDOME: Sexism Is An Excuse, Not A Reason

Michael Hudome Michael J. Hudome is a Republican media consultant whose clients have included John McCain for President, all four national committees and several current and former members of the House and Senate.
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Failed Democrat presidential candidate and United States Sen. Elizabeth Warren has sufficiently positioned herself as a proxy victim for every woman denied a female president. And, somehow, we should all accept without question that sexism was the root cause of her failed campaign.

When voters are looking for attributes in a president, college professor hasn’t been in vogue since Woodrow Wilson. Pedantic lecturing is an unappealing habit of the ivory tower crowd Warren hangs with.

I’m not privy to any crosstabs on this topic so I’ll have to go with my gut: I bet not every self-identified feminist thought Medicare for All was a viable program. I’m also gonna go with a lot of feminists honored their student loan contracts and paid them off.

Don’t think for a moment that voters didn’t find it strange Warren couldn’t sufficiently explain how she would pay for her radical health care plan. After all, she was the candidate smarter than everyone else and smart enough to have a plan for everything. Unfortunately for Warren, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg came along in prime time and grabbed the “smartest candidate on stage” baton.

Think about this: Warren allowed socialist and Castro sympathizer Bernie Sanders to move her in his direction and closer to socialism. That doesn’t exactly invoke images of a strong leader, something voters want in a president, and something they saw in Donald Trump in 2016. If only lemmings could vote.

Warren says her biggest regret is that little girls will have to wait another four years for a female president. Most certainly she can’t be referring to Republican and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. This is a laudable regret. Our nation loves history-making moments.

For sure, the day America has a female president, we shall all be proud. I worked my tail off for John McCain for whom I had great respect and admiration, and who would have been among our greatest presidents. Yet I understood the historical significance of Barack Obama’s win.

Warren has managed to fan the flames of the faux argument that since she was so immensely accomplished, she was resented. Inherent in this logic is she is more accomplished than Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg and others. Yet, in spite of her grand accomplishments and sterling curriculum vitae, she was denied the nomination based on envy or jealousy or, of course, sexism.

Identity politics isn’t only a losing strategy, it is wholly unattractive. Whoops! Is “attractive” sexist? I’m not sure. Can’t keep the rules straight. The point is whether at a Grange Hall in Iowa or a Sunday news show, Warren didn’t sell. The reasons are myriad.

When you fail to win your home state by coming in third place, fail to break into second place anywhere, it would be an exercise in self-flagellation to suffer through PowerPoint presentations enumerating all the reasons one lost. That’s why an “excuse” suits Warren more than a factual “reason.”

Warren’s sexism excuse doesn’t pass the laugh test. What I can’t figure out is why feminists aren’t insulted by Warren. Because for them, she hasn’t moved the ball down the field.