Red Wine Flowed From Faucets In Small Italian Village Following Malfunction

By Dmitri Ma, Shutterstock.

Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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Residents in a small Italian village were surprised when wine began flowing from their faucets due to a technical fault at a nearby winery, UNILAD reported.

In the village of Settecani in Modena, Italy, residents opened their taps and saw a sparkling red wine called Lambrusco Grasparossa spill out Wednesday, according to UNILAD

The mix-up happened when the wine silo at the Cantina Settecani Castelvetro winery leaked into the village’s water supply due to high pressure, and began running through the mains network into nearby houses, INSIDER reported. Approximately 20 homes were affected and the glitch lasted about 3 hours, CNN reported. The 1,000 liters of wine that leaked into the water pipes was ready to be bottled. (RELATED: Study: Red wine and dark chocolate are potent cancer killers)

A video was posted by an Italian news source featuring the pink, frothy wine rushing into a sink. 

The Facebook page for the city posted a message ensuring residents that the issue had been resolved and there were no health risks associated with the wine. 

Lambrusco wine is often ridiculed as being cheap, too sweet and too sparkling when sold abroad, but it is made with a grape variety that originated in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and its cultivation dates back to the Etruscans.